If you love snow, chances are you plan to visit a snowy destination at least once a year. Most people who really enjoy snow also love snow sports, which means that the places that they visit need to offer snow adventures as well. Looking for this combination of items can be hard in many parts of the world, but there are winter playgrounds that will offer you snow and snow-related fun in spades.

These are the best places around the world to go to enjoy access to snow, snow-based activities, and the chance to make amazing memories.

Best Places to Enjoy Snow

1.      Norway

There really is no better place to visit if you love the snow than Norway. You can see the Northern Lights, go skiing or snowboarding, take a river or Fjord cruise, and more. Alpine skiing is almost always on the list for vacations like this, and Norway is one of the best places to check out if you adore some time on the slopes. Consider heading to Skistar Trysil if you are looking for the largest ski location in all of Norway.

If you love something really unusual, you will want to check out some of the various cruise options offered by different cruise ship companies in the region. Oslo is an ideal place to consider staying if you want to enjoy the slopes, beautiful scenery, and also a cosmopolitan experience. Norway has everything that you could ever want in a winter destination.

2.      Switzerland

No list of winter playgrounds would be complete without mentioning Switzerland. This is the snowy destination that everyone thinks of first when planning vacations. You can check out the Matterhorn here or book a room at the well-known Zermatt Ski Resort and enjoy access to tons of different levels of difficulty on the slopes, as well as fun activities like tubing and snowshoeing.

If you are looking to enjoy access to shopping, fine dining, and other more citified experiences, Interlaken is a great option for you. Lake Thun and Lake Brienz are close to this magnificent city as well, offering another layer of opportunity to make memories while you visit this snowy destination.

3.      Montana

In the US, there is no destination more associated with snow than Whitefish.  The Northern Rocky Mountains are an ideal place to get your fill of snowy weather and ski sports, and there are plenty of towns to choose from for your home base in this area if you are not interested in staying in Whitefish directly.

The best-known and most beloved ski resort in the state is in Big Sky. Book a room at the aptly-named Big Sky Resort and be treated to charming and cozy cabin-style living arrangements, tons of skiing and snowboarding opportunities, and shopping and fine dining.

4.      Sweden

Lovers of the Northern Lights need to put Sweden at the top of their list of places to go to enjoy the snow. Kiruna, located in Swedish Lapland, is the best place to head to in order to see the Northern Lights with ease. Sälenfjällen is the best ski resort in Sweden, and it is famous for its perfect powder, charming accommodations, and proximity to lots of things to do and see. If you are in the mood for something a little different during your visit, one of the most popular towns in Sweden is actually on the coast. It is called Gothenburg, and it offers an entirely different experience than the more mountainous areas of the country.

For a special snow-lovers’ treat, make sure to consider booking a dog sledding experience while you are in Sweden. This is one of the hot spots for this sport, and there is nothing else on earth like sledding through the snow behind a team of eager, speedy canines.

5.      Washington State

Washington State is not on many people’s radar when it comes to snowy fun, but the little town of Leavenworth is like a fairytale village blanketed in snow for most of the year. The village center is Bavarian-themed, and you can enjoy carriage rides in the snow, roasted chestnuts, and mulled wine, and access to charming little shops and pubs all along the main street.

To enjoy full immersion into the ambiance of the town, consider staying at Hotel Pension Anna, a Bavarian building right downtown that offers an old-world experience. You will be treated to traditional food, beds made up with a duvet for each person, and a German breakfast every day. This is one of the most charming hotels in the entire state, and you will feel pampered and welcomed from the moment you arrive.

For skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the Leavenworth area, you will need to consider heading to Mission Ridge in Wenatchee. There are chances for all ages to enjoy the slopes here, and you and your family can have an amazing day of snowy fun here.

Visiting the Snow Can be the Perfect Way to Make Memories

If you love the snow, enjoy snow sports, and just want to get away from the heat and the sun during the year, these snowy destinations are perfect. Check out our guide for the right way to book your flights to save money and time on travel days. If you aren’t sure how to narrow things down when booking your vacation, our guide to the right ways to pick the perfect destination might be of assistance.

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