If you love to travel, you probably are aware that sometimes the most inspiring and memorable trips are to places off the beaten path. There are many populous, busy, chaotic places that you can head to in order to see the sights and make memories, but sometimes that’s just not what the doctor ordered. If you are working on planning a trip that will be memorable and totally unique, picking the right destination is key.

These often-overlooked destinations in the US can be the perfect place to head for a vacation. If you want to avoid busy places like Disneyland, the beaches of Florida, or Hawaii, these destinations might be perfect for you!

Overlooked Places to Visit in the US

1.      Block Island

This location in New England is one of the prettiest places to visit in the entire country. Part of the reason that this charming location is so beautiful is that the community is fiercely against any changes that might impact the overall vibe of the town. There are various wildlife refuges here to visit, which also help to keep Block Island from feeling like a big city.

Enjoy biking, beaches, wild coastal areas, and cute B&B locations that you can call home during your stay. Getting accommodations at places like The Sheffield House will offer you the chance to stay in a historic home and be pampered on a daily basis.

There are also lots of cute eateries and pub-style hangouts here where you can grab a pint, read a book, or even just have a meal before heading back to your cozy hotel room. The Poor People’s Pub is one of the best eateries on the island, serving pub grub, comfort food, and craft beer to visitors and locals alike.

2.      Grass Valley

While not necessarily overlooked, Grass Valley might not be on your radar if you don’t live in California. This charming little historic mining city is the perfect place to head to grab a room in a cute local hotel and enjoy wandering around the narrow, sloping streets that climb up and down the mountain. Stay at the Holbrooke Hotel, which has been around since the mid-1800s, or pamper yourself at the very cozy Grass Valley Courtyard Suites.

If you are visiting during the holiday season, be sure to try to arrive during Cornish Christmas. This lovely holiday event turns a large portion of the city into a Christmas-themed craft fair complete with carolers, roasted chestnut and mulled wine, and special Christmas menus at all of the restaurants.

Head out to the Empire Mine to check out one of the oldest and richest gold mines in the US, or drive a half hour away to visit nearby Nevada City. There are so many things to do and see here, and the weather is warm and sunny for most of the year.

3.      Hot Springs National Park

Let’s face it: Arkansas is rarely at the top of anyone’s list of places to visit. However, there are some pretty cool things to do and see in this state if you give Arkansas a chance. The Hot Springs National Park is one of the best places to visit in the US, and you can find lodgings that are top-tier here, as well as lots of beautiful scenery to check out.

If you want to enjoy some scenic glamping, head to the Hot Springs National Park KOA Kampground. There are also some really lovely and cozy hotels in town that you might want to get a room at. The Honey House is a small group of cottages that will make you feel completely at home as soon as you check-in.

You will, of course, want to visit the hot springs during your time at the national park. You have lots of options to enjoy this unique experience. You can go bathing on Bathhouse Row, or you might want to reserve an appointment at one of the many spa-style hot springs locations in the park. Get ready to be pampered with a variety of different kinds of spa treatments and services at these locations.

4.      Flagstaff

Most people head to Arizona with the sun on their minds. While Flagstaff still offers sunny days, it is in the cooler region of Arizona, and it even snows in the winter here. Flagstaff has maintained its small-town feel, and you will be able to head here to enjoy some peace and quiet if you wish.

If you arrive in the cold part of the year, you can count on some excellent skiing or snowboarding at the Arizona Snowbowl. If you want to check out cool natural scenery, The Meteor Crater is the perfect adventure to add to your plans. Hiking and biking are also possible at the nearby Coconino National Forest.

Flagstaff is also not so far away from the warmer parts of the state that you can’t pop into the Scottsdale area for a brief day trip before heading back to your cozy, quiet hotel on the mountain.

5.      San Luis Obispo

This part of California has long been considered one of the most beautiful and special places in the state. The weather is nearly perfect here all year long and offers a staggering 315 days of sunshine. You will find dune areas that are perfect for four-wheeling or sightseeing, and there is a well-established culinary scene here for foodies. Go horseback riding on the beach, or choose to head to the charming Sunset Drive-In for snacks and a movie.

The Madonna Inn is very famous in California, and you might want to consider this historic hotel for your home grounds during your stay. You can take a small trip over to Pismo Beach to enjoy the sun and the sand or choose to go wine tasting at some of the various wineries located near the city.

The weather is so idyllic here, and the scenery so pristine that you will probably never want to leave!

Visiting Places Off the Beaten Path Makes for Amazing Memories

If you are tired of heading to the same busy, popular vacation spots each year, consider any of these five locations for your next trip. You will be able to have unique adventures at the locations, find time to be spoiled and pampered, or simply relax in beautiful surroundings.

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