Many people tell us each year that they would love to travel to other countries, but they are worried about having trouble navigating new places and meeting people from other cultures. As the world becomes smaller every day due to social media and the power of the internet, we are all exposed to videos, images, and information about all kinds of places we might want to visit. But what if you are too scared to go see these places?

If you are worried about traveling abroad, you are probably cheating yourself out of some amazing adventures that might change your life. Here are some things to consider when you are looking into international travel that might help you make the decision to book your next trip outside the US.

Some Things You Should Know About International Travel

People Are Friendlier Than You Think

Now, we do need to make it clear that we are not saying that every country or city around the world will be full of friendly people. There are still plenty of places that you can travel to that are not going to be safe, or even fun places to visit as a tourist. However, if you are talking about visiting any country that is considered to be safe for travel, you will be very likely to meet many very nice and helpful people in your travels.

We have traveled to many international destinations, and we are always able to find people to help us locate landmarks, navigate travel confusion, and more. Even people who barely speak English are willing to help us figure things out when we have questions.

Many people think that they will not be able to access help or guidance if they get lost or confused because they do not speak the local language or dialect. Rest assured that a language barrier will be very unlikely to cause you any significant roadblocks when you are traveling.

You Can Plan Ahead

If you know that you will be traveling to a place where you might feel like a fish out of water, you can do some simple preparation before your trip. You can take some language classes before you go on vacation, or you can download one of the many language learning applications out there to your phone. Having a few simple phrases on hand to help you with basic requests is usually all that is necessary to make your travel experience enjoyable.

Make sure that you consider exchanging some money for local currency before your trip. There are many places where credit cards are accepted these days, but there are also locations or experiences that you will not be able to enjoy without some local currency on hand. Taking the time to look into this potential roadblock can save you time and worry when you travel outside the US.

Consider booking taxis or transportation from the airport in advance as well. There are many countries where securing the right transportation from the airport might be difficult on the day that you arrive. Planning in advance to be taken to your hotel by a trusted transportation company can make your arrival at your destination much less stressful.

You Can Do Your Research

One of the most amazing things about the internet is that you can utilize the advice and experience of expert travelers to plan your trip. You can watch vlogs, check out people’s travel blogs, and learn about the place that you are going through various informative articles and websites. This can help you avoid common tourist traps and bottlenecks and prepare you for the experience of visiting the destination that you want to go to.

We always spend a few weeks intensively planning when we are going to visit a new country or city, just to be sure that we are prepared for the experience before we get on the plane or jump in the car to head out. The more that you know about the place that you are going to visit, the better. This kind of research can also help you rule out places that might be too intimidating for you to visit if you are new to international travel.

You Should Pace Yourself

One of the most common mistakes that newbies to international travel make, is that they try to fit too many things into one trip. If you are exhausted and harried, running from place to place, you won’t have any fun on your trip. Make sure that you are conservative about your trip planning so that you allow yourself time to relax, enjoy the sights and scenery of the new place that you are visiting, and truly have fun.

We usually make some firm travel plans and then share a Google doc with one another that we add to before we leave on our trip. Every time we see something that might be fun to add to our travel days, we pop it onto the list. During the trip, if we find ourselves with some time to spare, we check out the list and see if we want to add any of those ideas or activities to our travel day.

International Travel Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Always remember that planning in advance and having a good idea about what you are going to need to know in order to have fun at a new destination is all that is really required to travel outside of the US. You will have a much better vacation experience if you take a little time to plan ahead and if you do your research before you book travel of any kind. Always remember as well, that many people all around the world will be nice and helpful if you find yourself in need of assistance while you are traveling.

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Travel can enrich your life and help you to cross items off your bucket list with ease. If you need travel suggestions, we are here to help!



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