Everyone knows that flights are one of the most expensive parts of the travel experience. You probably dread the idea of having to shop for flights, as the cost of your plane tickets can really eat into your overall travel budget. Flights can also be very inconvenient if you do not access the best or most efficient options to reach your intended destination.

Since there is often no other way to get to the places that you want to see most, you will need to learn how to save money when you are looking for flights. There are some simple tips and tricks that you can use to make shopping for good plane fares easy and which might help you to be able to finally go to your dream vacation spot for a trip.

Booking flights the right way is the most important first step that you need to take when you are planning a trip. No matter where you want to travel to, you will need to book the best flight options to start off on the right foot.

Finding the Best Flights

These tips and tricks are ones that we use every time we are looking for flights. We have gathered some best practices together and made our own system that works really well for us. We will share some of the details of this methodology with you now so that you, too, can find flights that make it much easier to afford to travel.

1.       Book Early

There is a fine line between booking your flight much too soon and being forced to watch the flight information change multiple times over the course of the year and booking your flight so close to your trip that the cost is exorbitant. The most ideal time to try and book a flight for a trip that you want to take is around five or six months before your travel date.

Make sure that you also book with travel insurance in place for flights booked well in advance. It is possible that the airlines might cancel, change, or alter your flight, and you will no longer be able to accept the changes to the original booking and make the rest of your travel plans work. Canceling a flight nearly always costs a significant amount of money, and you will want to avoid this possible pitfall of booking too far in advance.

2.       Comparison Shop

There are some destinations that you might want to head to that will only be accessible by a few flights each week. In these cases, you might just have to accept that you will have limited choices to work with while you are booking your flights. Most destinations, however, can be accessed on a wide array of different airlines. This means that you can shop between the different carriers, looking to see which flights will be the most affordable and the most ideal for your plans.

We use Google Flights to help us look at all the various options that are out there with each airline. As a tip, be sure to look at your flight options in an incognito window until you are ready to book. This will help prevent your flight cost from going up because your already visited the airline’s website to take a look around.

3.       Consider Flights That Are Not Non-Stop

Most people want to just get on the plane and fly straight to their destination. While this is always the most ideal arrangement, it can also be the most costly. Always consider looking at flights that are not straight through to save some money. You might need to hang out in the airport for a few hours, but this can help you save a lot of money. If you have found the perfect flight, but you need to stay for an extended amount of time at a main travel hub before your next flight leaves, don’t panic! You can get a hotel, do some sightseeing, or just hang out and rest in between flights.

Often flights with long connections will be the most affordable way to get from point A to point B, and you can make a mini vacation out of your long layover with ease.

4.       Consider Getting a Miles Credit Card

Nearly every airline offers a mileage card, but the airlines that do, usually offer lots of nice travel perks if you take one out and use it on a regular basis. You will not only earn miles that you can use to help you afford to fly all over the world, but you will also be treated to things like companion airfare, reduced luggage costs, and more. 

A mileage credit card can also open up some priority when it comes to flight booking and changes as well, which can be very valuable if your travel plans have to be altered due to some unforeseen complication. While taking out credit cards is not always the answer for everyone, it can be a very helpful way to make travel more enjoyable and more affordable. 

Finding the Right Flights Matters

When you are booking vacations, you will want to make sure that your flights are in order before you plan anything else. Getting the right flights can make your trip a lot more enjoyable, and picking the right flight options can also save you a lot of money. The flight that you take to your location sets the tone for your entire trip, and the money that you save on your flights can make it possible for you to do more sightseeing and have more adventures during your vacation.

Learning to be savvy about how you book flights can make a big impact on the number of vacations or trips that you can take in a year. Using these flight-finding tips will help you to plan the perfect vacations all year long, to any destination that you want to see or enjoy.

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